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Twist fans will know that we’re not averse to adding a special ingredient or two to give our blends an extra functional ingredient.  Caffeine-rich yerba mate in Breakfast Boost has made it one of our best sellers since we started our journey in the tea-biz, for example.

But for Valentine’s Day, we wanted to find something really special to add that bit of magic and sparkle.  We had a yet-to-launch black tea with raspberry and chocolate waiting in the wings, so set our Master Tea Blender to work and after a few days of genius alchemy, we had a solution.


Damiana? What’s that, we hear you ask? It might be pretty much unknown here in the UK, but ask the indigenous cultures of Central and South America what it’s all about and they’d have a smirk on their face, a twinkle in the eye and, well, who knows what else happening below the belt. 

Because, for centuries, they’ve sworn by it as an aphrodisiac (as well as a general health tonic).   So, among the delicious ingredients of our Raspberry Choc Kiss is a touch of damiana.  What’s not to like about that?  And, new for 2020,  you can create a personalised caddy of this or any other blend,with the name of the love of your life and our special heart-shaped logo, with our new With Love From Me To Brew gift. 

Of course, like so many claims for natural remedies, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to support such claims, but little in the way of actual scientific evidence.  You know, from proper doctors with letters after their names and everything. So, we’re making no guarantees. However, what we do know that this blend is absolutely delicious and if it turns out to be the perfect cup of tea for Valentine’s Day, that’s even better! At the very least, it will show the person receiving it that you fancy more than just a sit down and nice cup of tea… (wink wink)