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How About A Cold Brew?

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What makes Twist special ?

You can trust us to create delicious tea, responsibly 
HAND-BLENDED protect the whole leaves and ensure that our brews really delivers in taste.

...we’ve added some of natures most powerful ingredients to help you on your way.


..we've a range of certified 100% organic blends, Halal and Kosher blends.  All our blends are suitable for Vegans.

...made from the finest quality whole leaves rather than the dusty powdery stuff ones often finds in teabags.

... all our packaging is either bio-degradable or recyclable, from our cornsilk teabags to our tin caddies. 

Popular Blends


Don't stock the same tea as all your competitors!  Give your customers something better, the perfect mix for hotels, retail and foodservice.



Step aside Iced Tea – Cold Brews have arrived!

July 6, 2020

But hold on! What’s the difference? Well, all our teas taste great hot or cold but when it comes to Iced Tea, slower really is better.   Thanks to the...


How to Brew Matcha

May 29, 2020

Made with premium grade Japanese matcha leaves, our matcha contains a host of supernutrients said to help drinkers antioxidise, energise, concentrate,...


Blood, Sweat and Tea

April 18, 2020

Like most small businesses, we’ve been hit hard by Coronavirus.  Most of our sales come from coffee shops, restaurants and bars that are current...

Health & Wellbeing

Ways to boost your immune system

April 14, 2020

No specific food or supplement will prevent us for catching a serious infection like COVID-19/Coronavirus.  Good hygiene practice remains the best mea...

Health & Wellbeing

Tea for Fitness & Health

April 14, 2020

The next time you need a ‘pick me up’, go for the tea bag, not the coffee. There’s more to tea than meets the eye, or should I say the taste buds!All ...

Book Reviews

No. More. Plastic. What you can do to make a difference.

March 31, 2020

We all know that small changes for the better can make a big difference. That first cup of tea in the morning? Game changer!  The millions of tonnes o...


Never Knowingly Underbrewed

February 21, 2020

I won’t lie. I’ve always loved John Lewis. As a child, Mum and I spent pretty much every Saturday afternoon in John Lewis Brent Cross, bro...


Strawberry and Rose Overnight Oats

February 21, 2020

Overnight oats with a Twist. The kids can’t trash the kitchen with this easy, delicious and healthy Mother’s Day breakfast. She’ll love it!


Chocolate Matcha Strawbs

January 29, 2020

You’ve met your matcha…now show your Valentine how matcha you love them with this mouthwateringly good, quick and easy recipe. Print Recipe Chocolate ...

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