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Read about our Sustainability

Free Delivery for orders over £30!

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Read about our Sustainability

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Sustainability & Environment
Sustainability: The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.
The story behind our commitment: As a young family, we spent our summers sailing around the Greek Islands, Croatia and the Caribbean and would often be privileged to share our joy of the salty sea and sunshine with pods of smiling dolphins and other aquatic life. Increasingly, we began to see rising levels of plastic and other rubbish in the sea and it created an awareness in the ecological balance of our planet.

Minimising our business impact is part of every decision we make at Twist Teas and, while we are all about bringing you the best possible tasting tea, we do this in a way that is as kind to our environment as possible. We believe that if everyone shares our ethos, our children and their children will be able to feel the same connection with our natural world.

How you can help: Composting, recycling and reusing
Compostible Items
Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags & Inner Bags

These items are a combination of; Whole leaf tea, Corn silk bags & Natureflex. Add this item to food waste caddy, it is then taken to a facility that breaks it down to produce renewable energy and bio fertiliser in a shorter time than a home composter.

Recyclable Items
Boxes, Gift Wrapping & Postcards / Notes

These items are a combination of; Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, Tissue paper, ribbon, tape and. Add these items to card box / bin. The Paper and cardboard is recycled into better quality paper and cardboard and reused.

Reusable Items

Our tins are made of tinplate and aluminium and can be reused for tea refills. No refills? Use these caddies to store other household items such as buttons, pens, trinkets or even in the garden for plants.

Our efforts to reduce our impact on our environment are continuous and we’re always open to new developments and suggestions for improvement. Please get in touch if you would like to share an idea to make a difference.

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