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Free Delivery for orders over £30!

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How Does It Taste?


A sweet and warming blend of Sri Lankan Black Tea enriched with festive spices.

Mulled Wine

Sweet fruit combined with the heat of festive spices, evocative of Christmas.

Christmas Pud

A Christmas themed blend of Chunmee Green Tea, festive fruit and fiery spices.

Yule Log

Yule Log

Indulge in the tones of chocolate ganache with sweet Rooibos and cocoa nibs!

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

A delicious festive blend of Sri Lankan Black Tea with the sweet taste of marzipan.

Gingerbread Man

A deliciously sweet and spicy infusion. Drink, drink, as fast as you can...

All Day Decaf

A smooth, rich, Sri Lankan English Breakfast Tea. None of the caffeine. All the taste.

Afternoon Perks

An invigorating, light-bodied blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling Black Tea with Gotu Kola.

Apple & Blueberry

Bursting with the naturally sweet flavours of apple, blueberry and hibiscus. Truly scrumptious.

Banana Shake

A comforting blend that captures the essence of ripe, creamy banana. A soothing and delightful experience you won't want to miss.


A delicious, invigorating blend of Assam and Ceylon Black Tea with yerba mate and ginseng.

Chamomile Yawn

A sweet, mellow blend of whole Chamomile flowers and some of Nature’s most relaxing herbs.


Enjoy the benefits of this soothing sensation. A delicious, refreshing Peppermint tisane.

Cocoa-Nut Green

The nutty sweetness of cocoanut, toasted rice, cocoa nibs and Sencha Green Tea.



Reawaken your body and mind with Rooibos, coconut, turmeric and ginger. Full of anti-oxidants.


Relax and relieve your digestive system with this cup of pure unadulterated minty freshness.

Earl Great

A light, delicate Ceylon Black Tea scented with bergamot oil and hints of orange blossom.

Ginger Snap

A well-balanced ginger root and cinnamon blend, with sweet liquorice and lemon verbena.

Lemon Drizzle

A naturally sweet, lemon and Rooibos infusion. Enjoy a slice of lemon drizzle cake in your cup!

mint Choc Chip

A mouth watering, blend of soothing peppermint, rich cocoa nibs and Sri Lankan Black Tea.

mint humbug

The traditional flavours of mint and indulgent toffee evoke fond childhood memories. Delicious!

Refresher Green

Brighten your day with this blend of Sencha Green Tea and some of natures most uplifting herbs.

Royal tea

An exotic, fragrant fruit tisane with hints of rose and cinnamon created exclusively for royalty.


Drift off with this soothing tonic of chamomile flower heads, lemon balm, rose and lavender.

Wholly Smoke

This full-bodied Lapsang Souchong is sweet, refreshing and smokey. Enjoy this bonfire in a cup.

Lemon & Ginger

The heat of ginger, freshness of lemon with a hint of rosehip. Simultaneously sweet and tart.

classic Earl

A quintessentially English Black Tea blend with the destinctive floral flavour of bergamot oil.

Lemongrass & Coconut

Lemongrass and coconut come together to create a smooth and refreshing tropical blend.

Orange & Lemon

A pale pink infusion. With juicy oranges and lemons, rosehip, hibiscus and orange blossom.


A deliciously robust, malty, full-bodied and strong English Breakfast Tea. Enjoy anytime of the day.


Packed with naturally sweet fruit and floral hibiscus. An English Summer garden in a cup.

Sherbet Pip

A pale pink cup of zingy citrus and crisp, fresh apple. Enjoy for a touch of nostalgia.

Christmas Tea Cartons

Indulge in the magic of the season with our Christmas Tea Cartons, the perfect stocking filler for the tea lover in your life!

Each carton contains 15 biodegradable teabags.
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