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Testing the Water

tray of taste cups

Today was an exciting day for Twist, as we gathered a group of target customers and asked them to taste our teas. And – good news! – they really liked them.

Our Tea Sommelier Angela brewed up half a dozen blends from our range:

Our tasters blind-tasted the Classics against some competitor products, and ours were really well received. They liked the rich colour and the strong aroma and said that they would have been more than happy to taste these teas in cafes and restaurants. 

When we mentioned the twists (in this case, the addition of ginseng and yerba mate to Breakfast Boost to help kick-start the day and a slightly smaller cut of leaf to brew TwentyFourSeven a little quicker), they were very impressed. They felt the taste of TwentyFourSeven could be a little stronger, so we’re taking that on board and are going to increase the tea content a touch so we get it spot on. Thanks for the input!

female tester
Next, the Puds without Sin, and the taste of these was a real hit.  The tasters couldn’t believe that there was absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners and loved the playful blend of flavours. Some of our tasters were ready to buy loads of it right there and then (but they’ll have to wait until we’ve gone into full production. Sorry!)

We then moved on to Cold Brews, which they tested comparison to the kinds of soft drinks they might ordinarily drink themselves or serve to their children.  Again, the taste of these a real winner, and with their mum-hats on, the tasters were really excited to have an alternative to sugary drinks and smoothies that their children would absolutely love.  We’re going to create another Cold Brew blend, as we think there are other flavour combinations that would work just as well, whether for adults or children.

twist mug caddy
Finally, we gave them a sneak preview of our brand name, logo and packaging.  Another hit!  They loved how unfussy and clean the packaging was and thought the hidden T-mug in the logo was really clever and worked very well with the concept that our teas have a hidden something that makes them different from other teas on the market. Yay! We’d like to thank all those who took part. We really valued your input… keep your eyes peeled for the finished product coming to a retailer or café near you shortly.

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