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The Perfect Brew – Loose Leaf Vs Tea Bags

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

The Perfect Brew

The Perfect Brew - Twist Teas

Does loose leaf tea taste better than tea bags?

Loose leaf tea brewing in tea potThere are some tea drinkers who swear that loose leaf tea is the only way to make the perfect brew. Brewing loose leaf tea allows the tea leaves to comfortably unfurl within the hot water, thereby releasing as much flavour as possible. The flat paper tea bags used by many, less premium, tea companies don’t let water circulate around the leaves in the same way and they can only hold smaller tea particles, not whole leaf tea.

At Twist all our blends are available in both looseleaf and pyramid tea bags. Loose leaf tea adds an element of theatre to the brewing process and is the economical option as long as you’ve got the necessary kit i.e. a teapot and strainer. Tea bags are a faster, more convenient option because you don’t need to measure the tea each time and they can be brewed in a cup or a mug. We recommend serving our teabags in glass teapots or cups to showcase the blends as they brew. If you are using looseleaf our teapots have an inbuilt filter system which means you don’t need a separate strainer. The looseleaf takes slightly longer than teabags to remove from our pots but this still only takes seconds and our pots are dishwasher proof.

How do our tea bags work? Fundamentally they allow Twist’s whole tea leaves to brew like loose leaf tea in a pot. The water can circulate easily within the tea bag and the tea leaves have enough space to expand and release their flavour. Twist only selects top quality whole leaf tea to optimise flavour and to closely replicate the loose-leaf experience.

It is important to note that both Twist’s loose-leaf tea and tea bags are compostable. The tea bags are made from cornsilk and corn silk, both completely natural products, with strings and tag sealed using an ultrasound heat process, thus negating the need for glue. They look great whether in a tea pot or in a mug and we suggest you leave them in and remove when brewed to taste.