A range of six different premium powdered Matcha Green Teas Matcha: Pure Matcha, Turmeric Matcha,, Turmeric and Cocoa Matcha, Peppermint Matcha, Cocoa Matcha and Raspberry Matcha. 100% ethically sourced organic ingredients.


The Twist

Matcha is a super green tea traditionally drunk hot, brewed in slightly cooled boiling water. It’s also delicious sprinkled on porridge, whisked into juices and smoothies or as a matcha latte using dairy or milk substitutes.


Brewing Instructions

1) Empty one Matcha stick into a cup 2) Add a small amount of slightly cooled boiled water (ideally 80 degrees) or warm milk to the powder 3) Mix to form a smooth paste, stir as you add the rest of the liquid 4) Enjoy!



Please see the description below for a full list of ingredients.


4 servings of 6 different Matcha blends.

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Premium Healthy Matcha made from Tencha Green Tea packed with anti-oxidising, chlorophyll – Green Tea powder that you ingest to absorb all the nutritional benefits. We’ve added a host of super nutrients to help detox, cleanse, revive, refresh, sooth and calm. How do you take Matcha? Drink Matcha as a hot tea that’s been brewed in slightly cooled boiling water.


Premium Matcha PowdersPure: Premium powdered Japanese Tencha Green Tea (100%); Turmeric: Turmeric (50%), premium powdered Japanese Tencha Green Tea (15%), liquorice, cinnamon, ginger; Turmeric and Cocoa – Raw cacao (39%), turmeric (35%), premium powdered Matcha – Japanese Tencha Green Tea (15%), natural flavouring, black peppercorns, ginger; Peppermint: Premium powdered Japanese Matcha, Tencha Green Tea (60%), peppermint (20%), maca; Cocoa – Premium Matcha made from powdered Japanese Tencha Green Tea (43%), raw cocoa (30%), cocoa powder (20%), natural flavouring; Raspberry – Premium powdered Japanese Tencha Green Tea (64%), goji berry, freeze-fried raspberry (10%), natural flavouring.

Turmeric Matcha contains liquorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid consumption.

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