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The summer of sports has well and truly begun – bringing with it a renewed interest in everything sports related. How do the best of the best do it? What helps them achieve the perfect physical fitness in training to be victorious? In a recent article in the Telegraph, it would appear the English football team has the answer: drinking tea!

The Telegraph’s Jamie Johnson says: “Eric Dier has revealed that a herb-infused drink called maté has become a staple part of the diet of England’s Tottenham contingent, under the influence of their Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino. “Eric and I spend our afternoons playing Uno and drinking tea – it’s a good way of spending an hour or two, just gossiping,” Danny Rose said. “That’s our secret.”

The tea in question is yerba maté, a traditional South American drink, made from the leaves and twigs of the IIex paraguariensis plant. Maté provides the energy boost without the jitteriness of coffee and has become very popular with top cyclists like Tim Wiggins.

Naturally, we’re big fans of maté, which is why we’ve added yerba maté to our  Breakfast Boost blend. It compliments the full-bodied blend of Assam and Ceylon, with added ginseng, making it the ideal brew to get you up and going.

Whether you train for the World Cup, a marathon, dance classes or just fancy a cuppa, here are 5 functional health benefits of drinking maté.

Reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system

Maté contains polyphenols and saponins, naturally occurring plant compounds. These have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, providing help during recovery stage – so you can get back on the playing field sooner!  

Provides a smooth increase in energy

Compared to the other most commonly used sports stimulants – coffee, kola, cocoa, guarana – yerba maté provides the most balanced energy boost. Users have reported a smooth and clean energy boost, experiencing a state of high alertness similar to coffee but without the side effects of jitteriness or a sudden energy crash.  

Can enhance physical performance

Current research has shown that drinking maté before exercising may improve muscle contraction, reduce fatigue and help with burning fat for energy, improving sports performance.  

Improves mental functions

Maté contains the amino acid called L-theanine which helps with focus and attention. It also contains a moderate amount of caffeine. The effects of caffeine as a psychoactive stimulant are widely known, enhancing memory, mood and alertness. In maté, the caffeine combines with theobromine and theophylline – providing an additional level of nutrition to enhance creativity and productivity.  

Provides a wide range of nutrients

It can be said that maté provides practically all micronutrients needed to sustain life:

7 vitamins
10 minerals
4 phytonutrients
15 amino acids
11 polyphenols

To add to the list of benefits it also exhibits more antioxidant power than any other tea-based drink. 

 If you’d also like to take advantage of these and many more health benefits, we have Breakfast Boost on its own or as part of our selection boxes. Or Pick & Mix to create your ultimate tea collection.