There’s something for everyone with our two Tasting Menu options.

Whole Leaf: Rasberry Choc Kiss, Choffee Mint, Classic Earl, Strawberry Rose, Refresher Green, Earl Great, Passionfruit & Rose, Mint Choc Chip, TwentyFourSeven, Brewdolph, Breakfast Boost

Fruit & Herbal: Banana Shake, Mint Humbug, Proper Mint, Apple & Blueberry, Orange & Lemon, Lemongrass & Coconut, After Eat, Summer Berries, Ginger Snap, Chamomile Yawn, Mulled Wine, Sherbet Pip


Something for everyone…. one caddy, 12 delicious whole leaf teabags, each of a different blend.


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Our Tasting Menu presents 12 delicious whole leaf teabags, each of a different blend… Perfect for sharing with guests or helping you decide which is your favourite (blend, not guest, of course.)

The Twist

Will you take your pick, or try a lucky dip? Either way, having found your favourites, we hope you’ll Twist again.


Cornsilk, biodegradable teabags, Loose leaf


Whole Leaf, Fruit & Herbal

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