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The Perfect Brew – Milk, Sugar, Honey and Lemon

Milk, Sugar, Honey and Lemon

The Perfect Brew

The Perfect Brew - Twist Teas

Milk, milk substitute, sugar, honey and lemon

The issue of ‘how you take yours’ is a personal one. Should you add milk, sugar, honey, or lemon to your tea? Should you use only whole milk, or are dairy-free alternatives ok as well? What are the rules around these additions when making the ‘perfect brew’? At Twist, we believe that it all comes down to personal preference. Although we do offer serving suggestions for all our blends, the right answer is it’s important that the drinker likes their tea! Please read on for general guidance for each tea type.

Black Tea

Twist Teas Black Tea Without MilkThe strong, malty flavour of black tea lends itself very well to the addition of milk and a recent study showed that over one third of British tea drinkers prefer their black tea with milk only. Milk and sugar can be required for less premium tea to lessen any astringency caused by a higher concentration of tannins. Twist’s premium, whole leaf tea tastes delicious on its own, however tea drinkers should always be given the option of adding milk or sugar.

Some black teas are enhanced by adding milk and sugar or lemon. Chai, or spiced tea, is traditionally made from boiling black tea and spices in milk and water and sweetened with sugar or honey. We therefore recommend that our [Chai] blends are made with both milk and sugar or honey. In addition, all Twist Chai blends are delicious when brewed as lattes.

When serving Twist’s Classic Earl or Earl Great, you might like to offer lemon to enhance the citrus flavour. Both blends work well with or without milk.

Green Tea

In general, the delicate, grassy flavour of green tea is not enhanced by the addition of milk. The exception to this is Matcha, which is amazing when topped with frothy whole milk or a dairy-free alternative. Premium grade Matcha, as sourced by Twist, has a naturally sweet, earthy flavour, and does not require sugar or honey to be added.

White Tea

As a rule, white tea also does not lend itself to the addition of milk or sugar. The delicate flavours of Twist’s Strawberry & Rose and Passionfruit & Rose would also be overpowered if served with lemon.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea has a strong, robust flavour, much like black tea and can therefore be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar according to personal taste. Many of Twist’s Rooibos blends are delicious when brewed as a latte, or even as an ice-cold shake. Lemon could be offered as a garnish for our Lemon Drizzle blend to enhance the citrus flavour.

Fruit and Herbal Tea

Generally, fruit and herbal teas are not enhanced by the addition of milk or sugar. Lemon could be offered as a garnish for some lemon-based tisanes, such as Lemon & Ginger or Orange & Lemon.