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Welcome to our Tasting Room
Offering an exclusive opportunity to try one of our award-winning (highlighted in gold) premium teas for free. We hand blend the finest quality ingredients which means all our blends reach you in pristine condition and really deliver on taste. From the big and bold, to the light and delicate, and everything in between, there’s a blend for everyone!
Best Sellers
Great Taste Award winning blends.
Green Tea
Unoxidised wholeleaf packed with antioxidants.
Oolong Tea
Semi-oxidised wholeleaf with a rich buttery tone.
Fruit & Herbal Tea
Berries, mint, rooibos, ginger, chamomile.
Cold Brew Tea
Sweet, smooth, delicious and sugar free.
Chai Lattes
Hot, milky, spicy, fragrant, gently spicy.
Seasonal Tea
Drink with the seasons including our Christmas and Easter themed blends.
Black Tea
Full bodied oxidised wholeleaf.
White Tea
Delicate, naturally sweet, floral and fruity.
Feel Good Tea
Functional blends for every mood.
Matcha Tea
Made with premium grade Sencha green tea our matcha contains a host of super-nutrients reputed to help anti-oxidise  energise, concentrate, rejuvenate, calm, and lose weight.  
Puds Without Sin
Delicious guilt free pudding teas. Free from caffeine, sugar
and artificial ingredients with next to no calories.
Rooibos Lattes
Caffeine free, healthy indulgence.